Located in beautiful Ghent, NY, Kinderhook is our flagship beef farm with over 1200 acres of land where they raise grass-fed Black Angus and Red Devon cattle. Farmer Lee Ranney has been raising cattle for over 30 years with his wife Georgia. They also pasture raise lamb and heritage hogs with a little help from their guard dogs Sarge and Ollie. Did we mention they have a guard donkey too? Well, if you don’t believe us you can arrange a farm stay:



For all the hype and despair surrounding the current state of farming in the USA, Dustin Gibson is doing something about it. Barely 30 years old, rather than leaving the family farming business, he’s expanding it. Dustin raises 100% grass-fed Angus beef and Berkshire, Tamworth and Mulefoot hogs for us on farms that he’s bought or leased from older famers that are about to retire in and around Eagle Bridge, NY. His beef are raised on lush NY state grass and the hogs lounge in the shade of acres of woods where they happily root for acorns, grubs and whatever else they can get their hands on. Dustin likes rainbows, long walks in the park, tractors and Twisted Tea.



Bruce Conover’s family has a long farming history in NY state. How long? They we’re farming in northern Manhattan in the early 1800’s when local food wasn’t just a buzz word, it was the only option. Bruce raises 100% Berkshire hogs for us in Craryville, NY and feeds them grain that he grows himself on the farm. His Berkshires have lots of smooth, creamy fat and are well-marbled, meaning you don't have to look any further to find all the flavor you want in a pork chop.

Cascun Farms

Cascun Farms is a family run farm situated on 125 acres of picturesque land located in the rural farming community of Green in Chenango County, New York. They strive to produce the highest quality meat for your family and theirs. Cascun raises and processes chickens and rabbits on custom feed made for them by a local feed company to ensure that they know what their animals are eating and that the feed is without any antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products.