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We buy two types of chickens at The Meat Hook.
You can also get local rabbits, geese, cornish hens, and many other types of fresh poultry by placing an order!


Cascun Farm raises chicken in upstate New York.  They own 125 acres of rolling pasture and it is a family run business.  They never use antibiotics or growth hormones and use a custom chicken feed so they can ensure that we know exactly what the chickens are eating. They have their own poultry processing facility on the farm where the same care is given to processing and packaging our birds as is to raising them. 

We also sell birds from a co-op of small free-range chicken farmers in Quebec who collectively own the mose advanced air-chilled processing facility in North America. These chickens are raised without hormone or antibiotics and are blast chilled after slaughter instead of water chilled (which can add up to 15% more weight to a 3-4 pound bird). This allows you to get more meat for your money.