The mission of The Meat Hook is to bring top quality, local, pasture raised meats to a community in an unpretentious, fun environment. We believe in supporting our mission by paying our farmers a sustainable price for their practices and quality, and carrying on that accessibility to our customers.

We invest in farms that practice regenerative agriculture. That means agriculture that focuses on soil health through raising and rotating pastures for 100% grass finished beef, fully pastured heritage pigs, lamb and poultry.

We started the business because we believed that the transaction of buying meat should be simple and transparent. We wanted to buy whole animals from local farms, butcher them in house, make delicious products and tell customers about it. We also like listening to loud music and the power of high fives.



When you shop at The Meat Hook, your food dollar does more to support the farmers that raise the animals. Half of every dollar goes directly back to the farms. This helps them continue to raise top quality, happy meats that are better for you, and better for the environment.

In a traditional grocery store, approximately .10 cents of every dollar actually makes it back to the farm, the rest being absorbed by multinational corporations trying to cheapen meat by producing it in a factory-like setting.

We value every dollar we make at The Meat Hook because it helps support our mission, our farms, and our staff. 

About Us

Ben and Brent met making pizzas at little cafe on Strawberry St. in Richmond, VA. They cooked together for years before starting their foray in butchering, then quickly moved to New York with the aspirations of starting their very own butcher shop. A few thousand beers later, they've built a team of like-minded weirdos that make up the majesty of The Meat Hook. 
Let's Party. Together.