Prime Rib Roast!


Prime Rib Roast!


This $50 deposit reserves you a PRIME RIB ROAST! The balance at $24.99 per lb will be due at pick-up. Please add any special instructions at time of checkout.

This is the one.  This is what you want.  This is Carmen Electra in 1998.  Our prime rib comes from our 100% grass fed and grass finished pasture raised beef from small, local farms. All of our rib roasts will be dry aged at least 3 weeks.  The ribs will be frenched.  The roast will be tied.  All you have to do is season it and cook it.

A 2 rib roast weighs between 3 and 5 pounds and will feed 4-6, depending on appetite.

A 3 rib roast weighs between 5 and 7 pounds and will feed 6-7.

A 4 rib roast weighs between 7 and 9 pounds and will feed 8-10.

A 5 rib roast weighs between 9 and 11 pounds and will feed 10-12.

A 6 rib roast weighs between 11 and 13 pounds and will feed 12-14.

A 7 rib roast weighs between 13 and 15 pounds and will feed 14-16.

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