Ben is the Sausage Maestro. He has a history in kitchens, mostly Italian.  He's been butchering for 7 years. He thinks he makes the best mortadella of all time, but no one seems to care. Ben is one of the owners of The Meat Hook.



Brent will do more push ups than you. He will beat you at arm wrestling. He will also make you the best chicken liver mousse you've ever tasted. Brent worked in many kitchens, including Diner. He's been a butcher for 8 years. Brent is one of the owners of The Meat Hook.



Leah hails from Colorado, where she earned a BA in Spanish, and started her butchering career at Western Daughters. She can make you the best salad you've ever had and we're not sure how she does it. Ask Leah about her favorite serial killer.



David originally came to us as a porter and quickly worked his way up to head butcher. He's the fastest knife in the shop by some measure. He makes an amazing chicken tortilla soup, loves playing video games, and is all around a super nice guy . David is our favorite bro.



What we don't know about Jon Perri could fill volumes. Jon claims to be from Denver, CO but he's got no way to prove it, and his story just doesn't seem to add up. Either way, the man's good with a knife and can finish a beer in 4 seconds flat. 


casey branker

The first thing you need to know is that Casey has a pug named Noodle. The second is that Casey feels most powerful in denim on denim. Casey comes to us from California. Casey loves snacks.


Sunny hails from L.A. where she worked at Lindy & Grundy and  Belcampo. She comes off as tough, but underneath it all she really just loves puppies and Ru Paul's Drag Race. Sunny is the proud mother of Lupita, the teenie tiny Chihuahua. Sunny will out karaoke you.

Michael Manes

Kansas City native, Portland, Oregon transplant, Michael comes to us from Olympia Provisions where he worked as a Salumi King for many years. Michael loves making sausage just as much as he loves Royals baseball. And he loves Royals baseball.


Janice Schindler

Janice is from the desert. She comes to us from Western Daughters in Denver, CO. Before cutting meat, Janice spent a summer as a bus driver. Janice is the General Manager of The Meat Hook.


Ali Civelek

Ali is originally from Turkey but before The Meat Hook he was working at a slaughterhouse in Georgia. Ali does not like liver. His mustache is so big because it's full of secrets.


Fabrizio Sandoval

Breezy is Brooklyn born and raised. He is made of chicken cutlets and red gatorade. Breezy hates hummus, touching raw chicken, and loves putting ketchup on his pizza. Breezy is assistant to the regional manager.


don Guillermo

We are all working for Guillermo. I'm working for Guillermo. Even you're working for Guillermo. Don't let anyone tell you any different.